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Buy, sell and develop land and property with professional guidance and expert knowledge. Check out our current listings or get in touch with Mulberry House to sell or develop your portfolio.


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Are you looking for a local property or an international business?  Find out how Mulberry House can help with your financial future.
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From UK commercial law to disputes and employment or international law – Mulberry House have the lawyers that can assist. Tell us about your problem and how we can help.


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Moving Home?   Looking to Invest?   Or for your next residential property?

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Mulberry House Properties have more than 40 years experience in Sales, Valuation, Investment.   So our team can take the strain out of your next property move.  And many Clients sold their properties with us in the first few hours.

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About Mulberry House Group and Mulberry House Property Professionals

Mulberry House Group are experienced individuals with decades of expertise in Property, Law and Investment. So get in touch with us for the best market forecast or business strategy for you or your company.

Mulberry House Properties team has worked with some of the largest corporate organisations world-wide adding value to projects and developments.  And that’s not to mention acquisitions and portfolio management.

Mulberry House Law has a dedicated team of highly skilled legal professionals.  Which is why our lawyers are able to offer a wide range of legal services both in the UK, the Caribbean and beyond.  Our Caribbean colleagues are based in Saint Vincent & the Grenadines, working closely with legal team in the UK. 

Mulberry House Group legal professionals across the Caribbean as well as Australia, Spain, Netherlands and Greece.  And Mulberry House lawyers are spread from the UK to the  USA, France, India, and China.  That’s why we believe we have a global coverage for most legal entities and legal matters.

Mulberry House Property Professionals’ specialists have also been offering professional investment services for over 20 years.  Our dedicated team includes accountants and taxation experts.  Completing the team are financial lenders and business strategists. There is probably no business sector that we have not worked in although we are always happy to take on a challenge.

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